Shea Terra

Moroccan Damask Rose Hydrosol



4 oz / 118 mL


Moroccan Damask Rose Hydrosol is produced by a genuine women's cooperative in Morocco, certified and supported by the Moroccan government. Unlike most rose waters on the market, Moroccan Damask Rose Hydrosol does not contain any synthetic fragrance, color or alcohol. Our highly concentrated rose water is made by distilling thousands of fragrant damask roses to make just a few kilos of anti-aging water. Moroccan Damask Rose Hydrosol leaves skin silky soft as it tones and hydrates skin. Add Moroccan Damask Rose Hydrosol to your favorite masks for added anti-aging benefits. Moroccan Damask Rose Hydrosol is great for tired eyes, moisturizing skin, cooling inflamed skin and much more. Try a cotton ball full on puffy eyes.

How to Use

Face Masks: Add to various clay or plant mixtures to form skin soothing, hydrating face masks. Toner: Soak cotton balls with rose water and apply to face to soothe chapped or red skin. Hydrater: Mist on face to keep skin fresh and dewy. Use cotton balls with rose water on top of eyelids to soothe eyes.


Pure Moroccan rose water (rosa damascena).