ISUN Ormus Rose Essence


.17 oz / 5 ml

We're obsessed. This aroma is so special we fell in love with it immediately. To us, it smells like the essence sacred feminine love. Taking in the scent of this aroma blend is an immensely pleasurable experience. 

This aromablend is made of high vibration essential oils said to assist in opening the heart, pituitary and pineal centers. This special oil blend brings feelings of love and inner calm to the spirit.

How to Use

Options: ( 1 ) Inhale the aroma when needed for balance or uplifting. ( 2 ) Use drops in a base oil in a room diffuser. ( 3 ) Apply to pulse or energy points. ( 4 ) Add drops to a base moisturizing body or massage oil.


Rose, Jasmine, Sacred Frankensense