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Sculpting Spoon


Sculpting Spoon

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Introducing the newest members of our Gua Sha skincare collection ... the Lanshin Sculpting Spoons!

There are so many shapes and sizes of Gua Sha tools out there, and in addition to our Jade Green and Nephrite tools (and soon our proprietary Empress) - the Sculpting Spoon makes a great addition to any Gua Sha lover’s collection, especially those who feel ready for more pro level techniques and extra sculpting efficiencies. 

We love the Sculpting Spoon for more precision work like sculpting the cheek, advanced undereye releasing and draining puffiness, jaw release and more. Our video tutorial on Gua Sha for the neck introduces ways we like to work with the Spoon on this area.

For more instruction be sure to follow us on instagram where we present Live Q&A’s and tutorial posts. And subscribe to our YouTube channel as we will be releasing more videos to guide you in working with this tool and others. 

Purchase either the Pink Rose Quartz Spoon or the Green Aventurin Spoon - which are featured as part of our new Neck Gua Sha tutorial