Shoyeido Incense

Horikawa 堀川 (River Path)



Made from a recipe perfected by Shoyeido's master incense crafters over 30 years ago, River Path remains one of Shoyeido’s most popular incense scents. A perfect, transcendent blend of cinnamon and frankincense to tantalize the senses.


20 incense sticks + 1 biodegradable incense holder

Measures 2.75” (each stick)

Approx. burn time - 20 mins per stick 

Note: Because these lack the filler-stick, they‘re more brittle than commercial incense sticks many are familiar with. It is important to handle with care.

Shoyeido is a 300-year old traditional Japanese incense company, established in 1705, producing what is widely considered to be the highest quality, finest natural incense in the world. Shoyeido's unique incense is hand-blended from the finest natural ingredients, using expertise that has been refined and perfected over 300 years.

"Shoyeido" is derived from the three characters: Sho, Yei and Do. Sho means "Pine tree"; Yei is the ancient sound meaning "Prosperity"; and Do is a store or company. In their traditional grading system, the Japanese routinely used sho (pine tree), chiku (bamboo), and bai (plum tree), to represent varying degrees of quality. In this grading system, sho (pine-tree) represents the highest grade or quality.

How to Use

Secure incense vertically (on included bidegradable incense holder) and light. Assure entire tip is aflame, then blow out flame to produce smoking ember. 

CAUTION! Please burn on a heat-resistant surface. The incense holder included is open on the bottom and WILL transfer heat (can burn a surface).


Aromatic wood, roots, oil, spices and flowers. No synthetic oils or fragrances.