Lanshin Pro Gua Sha Tool


The LANSHIN PRO GUA SHA TOOL is an expert-designed Gua Sha tool created by Lanshin owner - Sandra Lanshin Chiu - acupuncturist, herbalist and expert in Facial Gua Sha and Chinese medicine based skincare. 

Hand-crafted in gorgeous black nephrite jade, the LANSHIN PRO is an advanced tool, designed from professional experience to give you professional level results.

Also known as "He Tian" jade, the nephrite stone is valued in China for its supportive healing properties, but the real magic is in the technique of how you use it to circulate and energize your skin and tissues. 

To make it easy and help you get the most out of your LANSHIN PRO, we created this step-by-step video that helps you understand and use the pro features of your sensual tool. When combined with well-formulated, high quality skincare, facial gua sha with your LANSHIN PRO will visibly take your skin health and radiance to the next level.

Tools also available at our Brooklyn studio - stop by and say hi!

*INTERNATIONAL: We are working on better international shipping  and hope to have options if you are outside the US or Canada in the next couple months, if not sooner. Please sign in to our mailing list for updates.